Using Spark Systems

Spark leases two cloud based systems.


      VoRIS to manage volunteers

      PaRIS to manage patients.


Contact us by email to arrange a demo or find out about the cost of leasing either system.  As an example each system leases for $1000/year for small organizations.

Other examples:

The Patient System (PaRIS) might be around $3500/year for a group managing 5000 patients at 4 or 5 clinics per year.  This cost includes the storage and management of all their paper medical records, the recorded information on all services provided, unlimited system users, and all support calls and emails.

The Volunteer System (VoRIS) might be around $3500/year for a group managing 5000 volunteers at a dozen events per year.  This includes unlimited assignments, unlimited users, and unlimited support.

All Spark systems may be setup on your own internet domain, i.e. 

To find out more about leasing either software system contact us at