Patient Management Software

Patient System Feature Overview

  • Easy to use –designed to be usable by volunteers at your events with little to no training.
    • 20 minutes of training the first thing in the morning can get your team of volunteers up and running registering patients.
    • Entering provided services is just as easy if the volunteer is familiar with some of the medical terms used on your patient forms.
  • Supports registration of an unlimited number of patients for an unlimited number of events.
  • Branded with your name, email, icons, pictures, and domain (
  • You define questions to be asked of patients during patient registration.
    • Employment status?  Military status?  email address?  Smoking history?  Your choice.  Any number of questions.
    • Questions may be different in each of your events.


  • Secure cloud-based system allows for rapid implementation and setup on site.  This completely web based software solution only requires a web browser to operate.
    • Patient form labels can be generated with inexpensive Dymo label printers.
    • Patient paper forms can be scanned and captured with inexpensive desktop scanners.
  • Strict security design (supporting SSL encryption and database encryption) ensures your records are only accessed under your control.


  • The system allows for the quick capture of patient service details on-site during your event enabling real time workflow and capacity analysis.
    • You decide the services to be captured and their value.
    • You may capture different services at different events.
    • Dental event?  Capture cleanings?  x-rays?  Lidocaine injections?  Surgical tooth extractions?  prescriptions?
    • Eye care clinic?  Capturing glasses made?  Eye exams?  Reading glasses?
    • Veterinary clinic?  Capturing shots?  tagging?

Paper Records Management

  •  The system allows for the storage of all the paper forms generated in your event.
    • Patient medical forms, prescriptions, x-rays, waivers, hand written notes.
  • These forms are stored with the patient record for easy / quick retrieval. If you do need the form to send to someone for a medical referral the records can be exported and sent as a PDF file.
  • All forms are stored using 256 bit encryption and are NOT accessible outside of the system.
  • These forms are stored in the Amazon cloud with virtually unlimited capacity.
  • There is redundancy so there is no chance of losing your valuable forms.
  • Read more details HERE on the paper records management process.

Paper Records Automation

  • All the user of the patient system does with paper records is scan and upload them.  Very quick and easy.  This is not the labor intensive, and error prone, task of scanning a form then clicking around to identify the patient and type of document.  This is all automated!
  • Paper records are scanned with advanced character recognition software to identify the patient and automatically match the form to the correct patient.
  • With this scanning the system is also able to identify the type of form.  Therefore in the patient’s medical record you will see the forms identified as “dental record”, “consent form”, “prescription”, “medical history”.

System Capacity

  • This is a highly scalable solution allowing the management of tens of thousands of patients at a single event over a weekend.
    • The Amazon cloud based architecture allows scaling to provide the capacity for virtually any size operation.


  • Patient data is recorded by clinic which always provides you will all the statistics for each of your events.
  • Each event is setup in a timezone allowing multiple simultaneous clinics recorded with accurately timed statistics.
  • Provides for extensive reporting and exports to Excel for detailed event analysis.
  • Includes a smartphone web application that allows for real-time monitoring of information before, during, and after events.
    • You will know patient registration numbers, lines, services being given — in real time during your events.
    • See more HERE about the mobile data available with the PaRIS patient management system.
  • Interested in HIPAA level security for your clinic?  Spark/PaRIS provides a secure end to end encrypted solution as well as encryption of the data at rest.  This system is intended for free clinic operations not charging for services.  However, if you would like to maintain HIPAA-like security for your medical records this system can help.
  • There is no billing facility in this system.  If you are actually charging patients for your services this system is not intended for you.
    • This system does track of the value of the services you provide to share with the volunteers, supporters, and the media.

The page image below shows part of the screen used to register patients on-site into the system.


The page below shows part of what you see when you record services given to each patient.


Patient Mobile Data

The system also includes a mobile web app that allows you to monitor the status of your event in real time from anywhere. Donors, supporters, the media, your volunteers, and of course management can all use the mobile data to keep up to date.  The statistics can also be valuable in capacity planning and workflow analysis to optimize your operation.

See the specific page on this website covering the mobile web app for more details.

Click here for more information on the mobile data available.

Patient Paper Records

Paper records may be stored directly into the system allowing for quick retrieval and secure encrypted storage.

Click here for more information on paper record storage.