The Spark Team        

The Spark Team develops software for free medical clinics around the country. We provide both patient management and volunteer management software to help communities provide valuable medical care to people in need at no charge.

Our patient systems have helped communities provide 212,238 patients with an estimated $93 million dollars in free medical care. The services usually include free dental care, vision care and eyeglasses, and various types of general medical care.

The volunteer systems have helped these communities organize 115,000 volunteers scheduled for 250,000 unique assignments. One of the strengths of the system is to help organize messaging to the volunteers. The systems provide automated email and text messaging and also two-way messaging. So far these systems have generated almost 5 million messages to help keep the volunteers informed. We don't usually estimate the value of volunteer hours as volunteer time is generally considered such a huge value to these communities the combined value would seem exaggerated!

During the COVID pandemic we had the opportunity to help with some of the mass COVID testing operations. Our software helped to organize needed volunteers. And once the vaccines were available, we had the privilege of working with five different organizations in Washington and California to organize volunteers to help provide vaccinations. One organization in the Seattle area published that they had provided over 100,000 vaccinations!

These statistics are as of December 2022.

Photos are by Auston James