Purchasing Spark Systems

Spark offers two systems.

      VSpark to manage volunteers

      PaRIS to manage patients.

To begin with VSpark you first create your starter system by clicking here. This is completely free and requires no credit card. Test and evaluate it for up to a month.  If you decide to use it click “Purchase” in the application.

Also view our getting started guide.

VSpark Costs by volunteer

Size of System Cost
125 volunteers $89 / year
250 volunteers $139 / year
500 volunteers $225 / year
1,000 volunteers $400 / year
2,500 volunteers $875 / year
5,000 volunteers $1,500 / year
10,000 volunteers $2,600 / year
25,000 volunteers $4,500 / year
Unlimited volunteers $6,000 / year

Text Messaging

To enable text messaging you will first need to purchase a phone number from us.  VSpark supports two-way texting so you will have your own unique texting number. Then purchase the number of text messages you need.

Texting phone

Purchase a texting phone number in your area code Cost
1 year $20
2 years $40
3 years $60

Text messages

Number of text messages. Text messages do not expire. Cost
1,000 text messages $14
2,500 text messages $35
5,000 text messages $70
10,000 text messages $140
15,000 text messages $195
20,000 text messages $260
25,000 text messages $300
30,000 text messages $360
60,000 text messages $690
120,000 text messages $1,380
250,000 text messages $2,750


PaRIS Patient Management Software

To purchase PaRIS and see a demo please contact Spark at

Purchasing Spark Systems

If you decide to purchase a Spark system we can accept payment through normal secure credit card processing or through your Amazon.com account. To purchase VSpark first setup a starter system then click the purchase link in your system.